Pre-Production: For “product showcase” videos this may not be necessary, if it’s just b-roll shots of a product on display. If the client desires us to write a short skit/written project proposal or something like that you can charge $50-$75 for your time. Pre-production is still work & it’s not free.

Gear Rate: If we are  using our own gear, we do charge for it. For a standard camera, tripod, lens kit, lighting kit, audio kit, etc, I can include a minimum gear rate of $200 for every video you shoot. This is non-negotiable. Video production costs money. 

Day Rate: This is what I charge for shooting. I block out time for big or small shoots. These will probably all be small shoots, but have a Day Rate (8 hours of filming) and a Half Day Rate (up to 4 hours of filming). These #s depend entirely on the workload and where you’re located, etc. it’s all relative. A starting Day Rate for a solo videographer starts at $250 – $550, and Half Day can be $150 – $350 depending on travel expenses. Videography is a specialized skill, I’m a 1 man band, and I’m using my equipment.

Editing Rate: For bigger projects than this, typically I charge hourly. ( $50 per hr ) But I charge a flat rate here since these will likely be quick edits. My editing rate will be $100-$150 for projects like this. 30 – 50 seconds videos. But for longer, more complex jobs, the price or hourly rate may increase.

I charge $50 rush charges for 72 rush fee / And $100 for 2 day turnaround time