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Star Projection Lamp 16 Color LED Touch Kids Night Light 3D Moon Table Lamp with Remote Control


SKU: 153858933013654
Product name
3D printing moon table lamp
PVC+Wood support
Power mode
USB charging 400mah battery (charging for 2 hours, light on for 6-8 hours)
Battery capacity
Switch type
Touch switch
16 Corlorful + Remote Control
Product Size
Magic Star Moon Light: Using special 3D technology, its 3D effect looks like the rough surface of the moon or stars. The painting process makes the globe colorful and gorgeous, just like the starry sky.
Easy to use: This color light can be easily controlled by the touch switch at the bottom of the globe, switch/change 7 colors. Remote control light switch/change 16 colors/brightness/lighting mode. It supports one color or automatic color conversion, 4 modes.
Soft and dimmable lighting: A variety of soft and dimmable colors can be adjusted according to the preferences of adults and children. Give the children a sense of security and surprise. Built-in 400mAh polymer lithium battery, support 8-24 hours of lighting. The charging cable is connected to the power source for long-term lighting.
Night lights and cool decorative lights: This cool moon light can be used as night lights for adults and children, or as decorative lights/children’s room lights/party lights/living room decoration lights/creative lights, etc.
Gifts: The colorful stars and sky 3D effects allow people to imagine the universe or the distant galaxy infinitely. It can be used as an excellent gift for children and adults, birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, gifts for ladies/babies/children/boys/girls.
3D moon table lamp starry sky projection lamp, the main material is PVC, powered by USB, it can be on for 6-8 hours per charge for 2 hours, and the battery capacity is 400mAh. The 3D moon night light has 16 colors, which can be changed by touch or remote control. At the same time, the brightness can be adjusted by long pressing the bottom ring or remote control. The main specifications are 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm, 18cm, 20cm. 3D moon painted lights are mainly used in corridors, leisure and entertainment venues, hotel rooms, hotel lobbies, exhibition halls, home places and other places.
Product Description
Lamp Power(W)



7 Colors, 16 Colors+Remote, 3 Colors

Lamp Sizes

8cm, 18cm, 15cm, 12cm, 10cm, 20cm


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