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Elite Graphic Design Firm is the subsidiary for the graphic design & branding power house Elite Boxx to evolve with the fast changing business world. Marketing along side high quality service is the proving path to longevity for all businesses who wish to grow and succeed.

Founder Terrence Jamal Moore of Greenville NC in 2003 became who he needed. A multi talented artist who found photoshop through an associate turned into a self taught graphic designer only to create graphics for his custom t-shirt business.

Once clients started asking who was creating his flyers, a new journey began even though he owned and operated successfully for 10 years before transitioning full time into graphic design. He understood that marketing as well as good business practice is what keeps businesses relevant and thriving.

We have been helping businesses professionally since 2007, with clients dating back from 15 years ago we still maintain til this day. Because your success is our success. Corporate, Small Business, Non Profits, Artist, Musicians, Bands, Clothing Co., Sports & Restaurants. We can give you the franchise quality you deserve to get ahead of the forever fast changing and growing economy.


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